Golden Retriever Information

There can be absolutely no doubt that the Golden Retriever is a loving and intelligent dog that wants to do nothing more than please its owner. Because of this, the Golden Retriever has become the most popular family dog in the UK and one of the most popular breeds in the world. Their combination of versatility and intelligence allows them to be employed in a variety of roles including search & rescue, illegal drug detection, hunting dogs, as well as guide dogs.

Golden Retrievers make wonderful pets; they are loyal and easy to train. They are amongst the smartest dog breeds in the world. Clearly recognizable by its golden-coloured coat, this active and energetic breed is very adaptable to today’s living conditions.

The golden retriever breed originated in the Highlands of Scotland in the late 1800s. It was put to use in the hunting of game. The breed arose when a yellow retriever was crossed with the now extinct tweed water spaniel, in order to create a breed well suited to the Scottish climate and terrain. Further breeding with the Irish setter and bloodhound breeds have evolved the retriever into the dog we are all familiar with today.

Golden Retriever Information

Bearing an endearing personality, the golden retriever is very energetic and requires regular daily exercise. These loyal and devoted dogs absolutely love water and will jump straight in and swim at every opportunity.

They love nothing more than the companionship of humans and are therefore best suited to those that can devote much of their time to their pet. These active dogs thrive on human contact and daily outdoor exercise making them best suited to those with a garden or easy access to the outdoors. They are not ideal for those living in a flat or apartment block.

Golden retrievers love learning new tricks and their agility and built-in retrieving ability, makes them great fun when catching a stick, frisbee or tennis ball.

Golden retrievers have a real zest and passion for life and for everything they do, making them perfect working dogs. Their eagerness to please combined with their intelligence makes them ideal to tasks such as search and rescue or undertaking police work finding missing persons.

They are a wonderful breed to train and are easily taught the skills required to offer companionship to those who need assistance. Because of their active personality however, they might not be the best companion for the elderly who are often not able to get out and about often enough. They are however absolutely wonderful with children.

The typical life expectancy of is around 10 to 14 years for the Golden Retriever. Unfortunately, along with other breeds of dog, they are prone to suffer from a number of health problems. These include thyroid problems, cataracts, various allergies, cancer, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.

Acquiring your puppy from a reputable breeder is one way to minimise the number of health problems that your dog might suffer. Ensuring the puppies have pedigree certificates, and therefore a good lineage, is a good indication that the dogs will stay in good health and thus less likely to be carrying genetic health problems.

Golden retrievers are, by their very nature, loving, trusting, and obedient, making them the perfect family pet and companion. Their friendly temperament and ability to get along with strangers means of course, that they do not make the best guard dog! However, their striking golden colour and endearing, joyful faces, makes the golden retriever breed both beautiful to look at and a pleasure to own.


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